Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oil price doubled?

Gazprom (biggest Europe natural gas distributor) said the crude oil price will hike twice until next year.

Wow. Currently the price is making big holes through every Malaysians roof and now it will be making way to the orbit and make big ozone hole through Malaysia's sky. So what should we do?

Currently the U.S and E.U are planning to attack (read:strong diplomacy) against Iran about their nuclear activity and the "we-Malaysians-know-they-are-evil" Israelis warmongers and politicians never accepted that Iran will not making any nuclear weapons. In fact, the Israel's have their own nuclear weapons. This actions obviously driven for their own agenda to be the supreme power in the world.

The effect of oil price comes before their real attack on Iran. They speculate lots of things about oils and the war against Iran will be the main medium to escalate oil price towards the sun. Never think about escalate it down to earth.

It is unlikely one to escape life from oil. Unless I'm living in a forest, have all the appropriate abilities and knowledgeable to live in it, lots of food and water resources, maybe I will think about it twice. Wait! What about electricity? How can I turn on my PC? And what about Internet? Aghh, damn.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life should go on

Oil price increasing was and still a shock to Malaysians. The price hike submitted "trauma" to them and certain citizens with certain political figures started to demonstrate or gathering to protest "peacefully" against the increment.

But why don't we search for the truth first on why the sudden increase of oil? Yes I know some of you will say the government should think about it and not we, the citizen. We should sit and wait, huh?

Think first before acting. Don't so suddenly shout out loud it's the government faults or Pak Lah's fault. We should think of alternatives in our life. If not fuel alternatives, we can change on lifestyle alternatives.

I felt the burden too. I'm currently thinking about the incapable too. The orphans, the OKUs, the Malaysians who live in poverty generally. But have you guys, the capable one, the not poverty one, think about government subsidies to the needed ones?

Guys, it's mathematic. More subsidies for fuel prices, less subsidies for the needed ones. More you live happier, more pressure the needed ones in their lives. Search for yourself on how the government runs their subsidy policies. That's your part of being the responsible citizens of Malaysia.

p/s: I don't really care if my English is BAD right now, because I know if I keep posting entries in English, read and talk in English, it will improve eventually.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love your country

We should love our country. We can cherish in Malaysia without any fear being bombarded by outsiders. Put aside any issue circulating our mind because the target for us Malaysian is the better Malaysia. We can live in harmony. Peace can be among us.

So much for being an idealist, hurm?

Yet, reality has given us its invoice. We as Malaysian should pay it whether we like it or not. But what should we pay? What kind of payment should be done? How much do we have to pay? In fact, pay for what?

Racism has been the current issue among Malaysians. Certain political figures blatantly raise voice about racism and pointing fingers to other people for not being equal to other races. The question is what kind of equality he/she wants? IMO, we already have our rights in this country.

Citizens in Malaysia are in the state of confuse. Further issue of racism, who are being racist, should be stopped. This kind of argument will only end up like chicken and egg, which one comes first. If not stopped, it might result to a clash between races.

Love our country means loves the people of the country. Understanding between every each of the races in Malaysia should be the benchmark for discussing sensitive matters, mostly on cultures and religions.

Respect the constituencies, follow the 5 pillars of Malaysia, learn the history of Malaysia and we should see Malaysia will go further as a better country.